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16 Painfully Relatable GIFs That'll Make You Say "Me As A Dog"

It's a ruff life.

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1. When he asks: "What that mouth do?" 😏

2. When you're all alone at home and you hear a suspicious noise.



3. When you want to buy something but it's expensive AF, so you just stare at it longingly.

4. When you try to work out.

5. When you see your crush and try to act natural.

6. When your friends want you to go out, but you can't because you have important things to do. Like sleep.

7. Every single time you see food.

8. When you're just being lazy because you can.

9. When you really want to eat those cookies, and suddenly remember you're on a diet.


DOG-gone it.

10. When you wake up from a nap and have no idea what year it is.

11. When you try to flirt.

12. When you're out with your squad and you hear the first notes of Rihanna's "Work."

13. When someone catches you listening to Nickeback.

14. When you smile for a pic.

15. When you're drunk and your friends have to bring you back home.

16. And when you had a ruff night and try not to fall asleep at work or at school.

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