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12 Things Only People Who Grew Up Bi Will Understand

The moon has phases, not my sexuality.

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1. Double standards part I.

"You never had a gf, how do u know u like girls?" Never had a bf either but when I said I liked guys, everyone accepted it 🙃 #growingupbi

2. This cruel dilemma.

#growingupbi seeing a hot straight couple and not knowing which one you want more

3. Double Standards part II.

#growingupbi Seeing bi women on movies and tv but still can't see any bi men cause of outdated ideas of masculinity love Bi erasure

4. Being able to relate to every song.

#GrowingUpBi being able to relate to every single love song no matter the pronouns used :)

5. This sad truth.

#GrowingUpBi not feeling like you really belong in either community bc you're not gay enough but you're also not straight enough.

6. When you have to deal with people who think they know you better than you know yourself.

"but if you HAD to choose" #growingupbi

7. People who don't understand that being bi doesn't mean that you're poly.

"So... A threesome? 😏" #GrowingUpBi

8. When you discretly dropped hints about your sexuality.

I love D and P What no its not Dan and Phil It's Dick and Pussy But yeah they're pretty cool too #growingupbi

9. Hearing all the time that your sexuality is just "a phase".

#GrowingUpBi having your family tell you that you're just confused and that it's just a phase

10. Realizing that dating apps make it even harder to find someone.

When you're on Tinder and there's an attractive girl in the pic but also an attractive guy and you get excited. #GrowingUpBi

11. People assume you are spoilt for choice.

#GrowingUpBi everyone expects you to get double the action, yet you're really just sitting there like

12. You became very sly at hiding the truth, especially in school.

#GrowingUpBi having pictures of celebrity crushes of the same gender on ur middle school binder & using the "role model" excuse

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