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13 Types Of Customers You Will Meet Working In Retail

We've seen hell.

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1. The kind and friendly customer.


Yes, they exist, and they're the ones we enjoy speaking to the most.

2. The customer who is overly flirty.

Hollywood / RCA

That one person who thinks that your smiling at them means "let's have sex when my shift is off." Nah, honey.

3. The customer who never says "hello," "thank you," or "goodbye," and ignores you when you greet them or speak to them at all, basically.

Warner Bros. Pictures

*Awkward silence*

4. The constantly angry customer.

Elephant Cairo / Via

No matter how hard you try, no matter how kind you are, they're alllllways mad.

5. The thief and their friends.


They think they're being sneaky... but they are definitely not being sneaky. WE CAN SEE YOU.

6. The customer who can't stop talking about their wife, husband, kids, and personal problems.


Small talk is okay, but we are here to work. There are other people waiting in line.

7. The customer who always comes in two minutes before closing.


This is always the same customer, and they ALWAYS insist that they "know exactly what they want" and they'll be "super quick."

8. The customer who wants to know everything about you.

Paramount Pictures

"I'll guess your name, your last name, where you're from, where you're born, where you live, if you're single..." Like, why?

9. The misogynist.

Disney / Via

"You shouldn't work, you should be at home raising your kids and cooking for your husband".

10. The customer who thinks you're also a babysitter.


Hey, I'm NOT. That's not why I applied for this job.

11. The customer who thinks that all retail workers are stupid, or aren't going anywhere in life.


Let's not be condescending.

12. The customer who breaks something or ruins it, and then runs away.

USA Network

Sometimes, they do it on purpose because they think it's funny. Please stop thinking you're funny.

13. And finally, worst of all, the pooper.

Columbia Pictures


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