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13 Types Of Customers You Will Meet Working In Retail

We've seen hell.

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6. The customer who can't stop talking about their wife, husband, kids, and personal problems.


Small talk is okay, but we are here to work. There are other people waiting in line.

7. The customer who always comes in two minutes before closing.


This is always the same customer, and they ALWAYS insist that they "know exactly what they want" and they'll be "super quick."

8. The customer who wants to know everything about you.

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"I'll guess your name, your last name, where you're from, where you're born, where you live, if you're single..." Like, why?

12. The customer who breaks something or ruins it, and then runs away.

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Sometimes, they do it on purpose because they think it's funny. Please stop thinking you're funny.

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