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16 Things LGBT Parents Are Tired Of Hearing

If you see us at an end-of-school event, please don't ask us this stuff.

1. "Are you married?"

2. "Where did you get your kids?"

3. "What do the kids call you?"

4. "I love Ellen and Neil Patrick Harris!"

5. "Do you know [insert LGBT person residing in the continental United States]?"

6. "My friend/brother/cousin/aunt/butcher is gay!"

7. "You should be able to use any bathroom you want!"

8. "I could totally be gay if not for [insert sexual act here]."

9. "So, this one time in college…"

10. "My son loves wearing dresses so I think he might be gay."

11. "I envy you."

12. "Did you see that recipe for the beautiful rainbow layer cake?"

13. "Great work on the school auction!"

14. Have you seen Carol? We loved that movie."

15. "I don't see why people need to come out. It doesn't matter anymore."

16. "Whenever people meet me, they think I'm gay!"

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