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    • vijayt

      Very interesting discussion. I do not find a single one of the questions listed to be offensive in any way whatsoever. I am now 67, originally from India, and lived in Washington DC from October 1953 ( when I was 7 ) to August 1958 ( when I was 12 ) and have again resumed living for good in this area from August 1993 till the present, and my whole family here in the US have become US Citizens. I have been asked a lot of questions about India by a lot people of various age groups and sexes in the US during these periods that I have mentioned, and I was never offended by any of them. Some of the smart aleck answers I have seen given above by persons of Indian origin about India reflect an irrational belief held by many Indians and other persons of Indian Origin that non-Indians want to be condescending or offensive towards Indians. I can assure all that this is not so and all that one has to do is to give a steady, reasonable answer, that appears to make sense. This can only be done if you, as an Indian or a person of Indian Origin, know enough about your own Cultural Origins and the Country of Origin of your ancestors and History and know why things are in India as they are and can explain such matters logically and scientifically in todays context, with no obfuscation. Giving those smart aleck answers like some of the above will only serve to lower any esteem that anyone may have about India. Giving the right answers will serve to raise that esteem. For anyone( especially anyone of Indian Origin who is not confident or simply does not know the answers which will bring about a positive image and the right esteem, when such questions are asked by a person who is not of Indian Origin, please send your question to me at and I
      will be happy to give you an appropriate answer. No restriction on the subject… Religion, Caste, Toilet paper or no toilet paper (!), Bollywood, Music ( Classical and Bollywood ), Food, Indian Languages, English Language, History, Technology, Agriculture, Racial Composition of peoples, etc etc. Finally, those persons of Indian Origin who take offense at jokes being made off and on in various sections of the Media about persons of Indian Origin, remember that when people begin to make fun of you and people like you there are enough of you and people like you around to make a big dent in the lives of others around you and in fact, when Americans make fun of us ( Indians from various backgrounds, with our accents from India ) I get the distinct feeling that We Have Arrived and are making our presence felt in the United States !! Every single person who is alive in the US today ( including the Native
      Americans whose ancestors arrived in this continent before anyone else, 10,000 years ago ), has ancestors who came from somewhere else, and the subsequent people who arrived from anywhere else were always laughed at by people already here !!!

    • vijayt

      This is precisely why Obama and Biden are where they are and their detractors are not. This is also the reason why the United States of America is where it is, and many other countries are not. It is also the reason why in many countries and societies around the World people are taught to hate the United States of America because Americans are visibly free whereas the people of those countries where people are trained to hate America are suppressed and oppressed by their despotic Governments and in those countries they do not even have the right to aspire to have Life or Liberty or the Pursuit of Happiness like Americans have.

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