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Ever Wonder How Some Of Your Favorite 90's Nickelodeon Cartoons Turned Out As Adults?

If you were a kid growing up in the 90's there's a very big chance that you spent some time watching some of Nickelodeon's iconic 90's cartoons like the Rugrats and Hey Arnold! Ever wonder what those characters ended up doing in adulthood, well artist Celeste Pille has the answer for you.

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Chuckie's become a writer.

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"Charles 'Chuckie' Finster channeled his anxiety into writing and performing and now finds himself a burgeoning slam-poetry superstar. During the day, you’ll find him coaching Forensics and local high school LTAB teams."

Tommy's adventurous personality followed him into adulthood.

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"Tommy Pickles is honing his skills in mountain climbing, scuba diving, and paragliding to become a master at wildlife photography. He aspires to be a regular contributor to National Geographic and plans to rappel into an active volcano in the near future to capture the terrifying beauty of lava lakes."

Phil and Lil have become Youtube sensations.

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"Phil and Lil became YouTube sensations with their series of videos in which they conduct gross/messy/entertaining science experiments. Their strong online following has earned them the attention of several television producers who are interested in creating a children’s educational show. Phil and Lil would love to be on PBS in the near future."

Angelica has become a reality tv star.

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"Angelica Pickles went on to Internet fame for her terrible song called 'Weekend,' and its even more terrible music video (produced by Ark Music Factory and paid for by her parents), and just when everyone thought her 15 minutes were up, she leveraged her awesomely bad song’s popularity into a reality show on Bravo called 'Fallen Angelica.' She may not be a good singer, but she’s shrewd, ambitious and makes for incredibly quotable television."

Susie has become a musician.

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"Susie Carmichael attended the American Musical and Dramatic Academy. She’s achieved critical acclaim for her experimental art rock, dance-punk music and looks forward to writing concept albums in each of the 10 languages in which she’s fluent."

Kimi became a filmmaker.

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"Journalism major recently accepted into Stanford’s Documentary and Film MFA program. Her video project on blended families and cultures made for a standout portfolio. She eagerly anticipates the amount of travel her career will demand and looks forward to many collaborative projects with Tommy Pickles."

Helga is living the typical post grad life and finally got rid of the unibrow.

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"English Major, recently hired as a Social Media Manager after one year living at home and another year spent in a thankless, penniless internship."

Celeste has even been contacted by the creators of the shows who are big fans of her work!

If you want to check out how the rest of the Hey Arnold! cast turned out and check out where some familiar faces from other childhood shows like The Magic School Bus and Recess ended up in adulthood, check out Celeste's Tumblr page:

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