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    13 Things No Thin Person Will Ever Experience

    The salesperson who tries to get you to buy clothes that don't fit, saying that you'll lose the weight.

    1. The salesperson who tries to get you to buy clothes that don't fit, saying that you'll lose the weight.

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    Oh, so you're a dietitian too?

    2. Or arguing that the fabric in jeans is stretchy.

    Oh cool, so you're saying my NEW clothes are going to wear and stretch out quickly? Great.

    3. When a doctor or trainer tiptoes around the question of how much you weigh.

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    So you're feeling embarrassed about my weight for me?

    4. Failing to understand why being thin is the standard in the US even though the majority of the population is overweight.

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    5. Being told to stand in the back or suck it in when you're getting your picture taken.

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    But the idea is for me to actually be in the picture, not hide from it.

    6. You feel like dying every time you have to buy clothes for a formal event such as a wedding or graduation.

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    Because stores seem to think that anything over a medium must be for ninety-year-old ladies.

    7. You feel like people are staring at you every time you go and eat fast food.

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    You're eating here too, aren't you!?

    8. They automatically think you're the "funny" person of the group just because you're fat.

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    I am not telling you a joke, bro.

    9. Hooking up with someone who says they like being with you because they like "having a little extra meat to hold onto."

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    Well then go out and buy a steak, damn.

    10. Receiving miracle recipes that will help you "slim down" from everyone you know.

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    Thanks for being so thoughtful :/

    11. People saying that they don't think you're fat, as if that was some kind of high praise.

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    Stop being such a phony.

    12. When someone asks why your clothes are so tight, as if you didn't have the right to wear them.

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    I bought them. I'll wear them if I want to.

    13. People automatically thinking that you're terrible at sports because you're fat.

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