14 Of The Most Horrifying Job Interview Stories You'll Ever Read

    "I started to cry in the middle of the interview."

    1. "I started to cry in the middle of the interview."

    2. "I helped a girl who was puking and I got screwed."


    4. "I asked the recruiter to teach me how to do it, lol."

    5. "They asked me to bring an object that represented me, and I took my cornea."

    6. "They asked me what I did on the internet, and I said that I liked to read about conspiracy theories."

    7. "I heard the owner of the company screaming and almost physically attacking an employee."

    8. "When I arrived, I kissed every evaluator on the cheek."

    9. "She asked me if I smoked. I answered wrong."

    10. "Which way to the bus?"

    11. "He asked about my hygiene, and I preferred losing the job to missing an opportunity to crack a joke."

    12. "I went to an interview at a store, and I ended up breaking everything."

    13. "My bra was hanging out and I didn't even notice."

    14. "I was brutally honest, and told a fellow candidate that she was bad and that I'd never trust her."

    Stories collected from the BuzzFeed Brazil group on Facebook. They may have been edited for length and/or clarity.

    This post was translated from Portuguese.