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17 Faces You'll Recognize If You've Ever Had A Dick In Your Mouth

That face when it's not all you thought it'd be.

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1. When you first lay eyes on their cock and realize the size of the job that lies ahead of you.

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2. Or those other times when it's not all that you thought it would be.

Globo / Via

3. When you're getting into it and you're worried about looking sexy for them.

4. When their damn cock won't get hard no matter how hard you try and you start losing your cool.

Globo / Via

5. When things get rolling and you realize you're really smokin' that damn thang.

NBC / Via

6. When you're not really sure what it is exactly that you're tasting.

7. When you're over being sexy about it, and you decide to kick it into overdrive.

LogoTV / Via

8. When you have to take a break, and the cock just sits there looking at you, waiting for you to get going again.

Reprodução/LogoTV / Via

9. Or when the dude starts smacking your face with his dick and you don't know what the fuck is going on.

Columbia Pictures / Via

10. When you've been down there too long and your jaw starts locking up.

Record / Via

11. When you're coming at it from below and you're trying not to suffocate on the balls flying around in your face.

Globo / Via

12. When they start to stiffen up and writhe around in pleasure, and you're feeling all-powerful.

Globo / Via

13. When you start to wonder if he's going to tell you before he comes.

Disney / Via

14. When you almost choke, but manage not to.

Lee Daniels Co / Via

15. When he says he's about to pop and you don't know where to hide from it.

Revolution Studios / Via

16. When you get it in your eye.

Disney / Via

17. When it's all over and now it's your turn.

This post was translated from Portuguese.

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