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How To Enjoy The 2016 Olympics From The Comfort Of Home

Prepare yourself for 6,755 hours of TV!

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Guys and gals, it is FINALLY time for the 2016 Olympics in Rio! If you are like us at Follow Me Away, you have waited 2 whole years since the last Olympics and 4 years since the last summer games came around. NBC will be airing over 6,755 hours of coverage over the course of the Olympics. That is an insane amount of time and you are going to want to be prepared to make the most out of your 2016 Olympics experience!

Write down all of your local channels

The 2016 Olympic Games will be airing on a TON of channels. Here is a complete list for your convenience. Each TV provider is different, so NBC on one provider may be channel 25, but on your TV, it may be 17. Be prepared and write down all of the channels the Olympics will be airing on. This way, you can flip through different sporting events with ease.

Decide which sports you love/like/don't care about

There are over 30 sports in the 2016 Olympics and they are all going to be on TV. Since you have a life other than sitting glued to the television for 2 weeks, you are going to have to pick and choose what you want to see. Check your local TV guide and note which times your favorite sports come on.

Don't be afraid to watch multiple channels at the same time

Fun fact: the 2016 Olympics are being shown on multiple channels at the same time! That means if one channel has commercials or a boring sport, chances are another one has something more interesting. Head to your handy written TV guide and flip through all of your possible options until you find a few sports you are totally down with watching.

Google the rules for a better viewing experience

Fencing and water polo are way more interesting when you actually know what is going on! During the games, Google is your friend! Enhance your Olympic viewing experience by searching how each sport is played, the rules, and what athletes are being judged/scored on.

Make the 2016 Olympics all about learning

The Olympics are the one time that the entire world comes together for a period of time in [almost] complete harmony. That is pretty special. Take the time to learn about the different countries, sports, and athletes involved. During the opening ceremonies, research the history of Brazil and Rio so you understand the cultural significance of the rituals presented. During sporting events, take the time to understand and research each game and learn some fun facts. If you hear about a famous athlete you aren't familiar with, run a quick search to find out why he/she is so noteworthy. The Olympics are the perfect stage for learning something new!

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