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    People Are Revealing The Worst Mistakes You're Unknowingly Making In Your 20s, And They're Actually Really Important To Be Aware Of

    How many of these are you making?

    For some people, being in their 20s is a time of feeling invincible and full of potential. For others, it's a time of pressure and anxiety. For most, it's both — and everyone's just trying to figure themselves (and life) out.

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    So Redditor u/Signal_Ad7905 recently asked, "What's the worst mistake people don't realize they're making in their 20s?"

    And they received some thoughtful, enlightening, and all-too-relatable responses — so check out some of the best ones below:

    1. "Life is not a race. It doesn't matter who's getting married, who's moved out from their parents' house, or who has a kid. You go at your pace. Don't think you're behind anyone else."


    2. "Not making tiny changes and sticking to them! I know that I had an all-or-nothing attitude in my 20s. If I tried my hand at painting, and my first few attempts were crap, I'd drop it."

    "Similarly, if I tried saving money and saw how little it was, I'd spend it. You have to do little things every day and just don't stop. It'll add up in your 30s, and you'll be so grateful even later.

    Many 20-year-olds think of 30+ as not counting. They can't imagine not being a complete success or not being in the perfect relationship in their 20s. But life goes on. Your 30s are freeing, and you're in a whole different mental space from then on." —u/Relationships4life

    3. "Not getting enough sleep or not having a good sleep schedule."


    4. "Wrecking your ears with excessive noise exposure. Even if you don't care about losing your hearing, you don't want catastrophic tinnitus."

    "It's completely disabling. Nobody tells you that you can get it years or decades after the noise exposure. I just thought, 'I'll knock this off before it gets too bad.'" —u/Lupercali

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    5. "Don't pick up smoking."


    6. "Thinking this is the person they'll be forever. Thinking this is the person they will be WITH forever."

    "You are not who you were at 20 when you turn 40. No one ever is. Whether you succeed as a couple or even as an individual, keep recognizing your growth, strength, and challenges." —u/boohookitty

    7. "Tanning without sunscreen. That catches up with you when you least expect it."


    8. "If you aren't taking dental hygiene seriously in your 20s, you are going to have a bad time later in life."

    "You should brush twice daily (after every meal is better). And an electric toothbrush will change your life. They're not necessary, but they do a way better job than you probably do at brushing. Additionally, when you brush, don't brush too hard or you will wear away your enamel.

    Floss twice daily (after every meal is better or AT LEAST once at night). When you floss get up into your gum line. You need to scrape away the plaque from up there not just remove food from between your teeth." —u/HtownTexans

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    9. "Treating their body like it’s a rental. Look after it. You will be living in this body for many years to come."

    "Don’t burn out the clutch by 27 and live with the consequences for 60 more years." —u/RedPanda1188

    10. "Binge drinking. It's a very easy spiral to go down if you aren't careful."


    11. "Sticking to a career they hate because that's what they chose to do when they were 16 to 18 years old. It's never too late to change your career path."

    "If you're not enjoying it now, do you think that will change in another 20 to 30 years?" —u/puppet1987

    12. "Credit and debt. It’s too easy to buy things you can’t afford."


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    13. "Not eating right and exercising. The heart attack you have at 50 doesn’t just magically show up. Cardiovascular disease is from years of buildup."


    14. "Getting comfortable in your current job, while also not making plans to increase your skills to qualify for the next role. Don't assume your first job is going to really take care of you for years to come."

    "This isn't the 1950s where corporate culture rewards loyalty. Year on year, they will instead continue to dump greater responsibility on you. But come compensation time, they'll barely increase your pay more than the cost of living increase. Then they'll justify it by saying you are at the arbitrary pay ceiling for your role.

    Instead, twice a year, check online job postings and look for reasonable next-step roles for yourself. Then identify any knowledge gaps for that role, and actively work on learning what you need in order to fill the gap. Even if that means learning it out of work hours.

    Then apply for similar roles. You do not need to be a 100% perfect fit; an 80% to 90% fit is great. Don't always expect to win job offers; competition nowadays is fierce. Get comfortable in being knocked down but getting up again." —u/s0methingrare

    15. "Not wearing a condom."


    16. "As you get money, you tend to take out credit to get nice things. A sudden change in your career can ruin your life for a while. Be careful about buying things you can't pay for outright."


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    17. "Walking too confidently on the pavement of their own opinions and experience. You must do this in your 20s, as it's all you've been taught and have to go on, but it's the 'too confidently' that you don't realize."

    "Approach every person and interaction as if they have something to teach you or as if you could learn from them and their perspective. If you do that with genuine openness, you'll be better and wiser for it and become a better judge of people." —u/Not_Sure_I_Exist

    18. "Savings, 401k, whatever — just invest for yourself."


    19. "Focusing on the future where you’ll be content. For example, 'When I can buy that house, things will be great.'"

    "There's also, 'When I can start a family...' or 'When I get that promotion...' All those things may be great, but right now also has its great moments. Right now has its own joys. Work for what you want, but live right now." —u/DrProfessorSatan

    20. "Not saving enough money. Pay yourself first. Don't work the rest of your life."


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    21. "Worrying about their shitty job. Use that time off. Go on that trip. If you’re replaceable so are they."

    "This applies to people also." —u/lilferal

    22. "Rushing into settling down or settling for less in long-term relationships. I was scared to be alone in my 20s, and it seems so irrational looking back."

    "I was not loving myself enough to see these relationships weren't worth my time!" —u/coldfishandfeet

    23. "Thinking that their 20s are the only time they can have fun. If you work on building a good, long-term career and a fulfilling life, you can have fun for the rest of your life."


    24. "Don't spend your whole life trying to gather as many friends as you can. It's pointless, most of them are going to be like Facebook friends, and that's just the way things are."

    "Don't be sad if you don't have a huge circle of friends. Be happy with one to two true friends. Work on yourself, be happy with yourself, and don't be afraid to stand up for what is right — even if everyone else thinks it's wrong." —u/BeauTofu

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    25. "Not spending time with their elders. They will be gone sooner than you know it, and you will never get that chance back."


    26. "Not going for therapy when you feel like you need it. I'm still in my 20s, and my life is improving a lot since I started."

    "Before, I was like, 'Nah, how can a few sessions fix what ruined me for years?' Well, at least it helped, wish I went sooner." —u/No-Mathematician678

    27. "Buying a brand new car. I understand needing a car. You do not need a $40k to $60k car fresh off the lot with a $700+ monthly payment over the next six to seven years."

    "Yes, it’s nice to have a flashy, powerful car. But it really sucks to constantly be broke because you’re paying for a car that is constantly depreciating in value." —u/Elite4alex

    28. "Not being selfish enough. I spent most of my 20s trying to please other people, in relationships, and so on. Do more things for yourself."


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    Did any of this resonate with you? Or do you have your own advice to add? Share with us in the comments below!

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