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Women, We Want To Know The Most Annoying, Condescending, Or Downright Worst Thing A Man Has Ever Said To You In A Professional Setting

You know, you're such an "aggressive" woman that you need to "soften" your delivery...but if you were a man, you'd just be confident.

If you're a woman who has ever held any sort of job (and, honestly, even if you haven't), then you're aware of the blatant sexism that many of us experience in the workplace. In fact, it's so normalized, that men often feel free to say misogynistic, condescending, or downright irritating things to their female colleagues.

So, the question is: Women, what is the most annoying, irritating, misogynistic, or flat out worst thing a man has said to you in a professional context?

How old were you at the time, and how old are you now? Roughly, how old was he? How did you feel, and how did you actually respond?

Perhaps you were pregnant, and a man assumed — er, asked but, you know, in that tone of voice — that you that weren't coming back to work, even going so far as to say that you should let your husband work while you stay home to raise the baby.

Did it involve one of the "classics" that men love to throw out there, like, "Smile more," or pet names — sweetheart, honey, etc. — or did it have something to do with your appearance?

On the other hand, was it something about how "aggressive," "assertive," or "bossy" you are? (You've got to love it when they switch it up!) Maybe it had something to do with your attitude or delivery.

Was he just downright mansplaining your own job to you or being condescending? Did he tell you to somehow check your emotions when he was clearly the one starting to lose it?

Additionally, how old were you when it happened, and how did you respond?

Tell us about the most irritating, annoying, and/or worst thing a man has said to you in the workplace or any professional setting in the comments below, and you could be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed post. If you wish to share anonymously, please respond via this anonymous Google form.