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    27 Things From Wayfair You May Want To Buy ASAP

    You'll chair-ish these prices.

    1. A wireless weather station so you can be sure of the temperature inside AND outside when you're getting dressed!

    A rectangular, palm-sized screen digitally displays the time, indoor temperature, and outdoor temperature

    2. These cute over-the-door buddy hooks because they're a clever way to add some storage without having to drill anything into your wall!

    Two over-the-door hooks shaped like stick figures with their legs extended out like a hook hanging over a cabinet door

    3. This upholstered platform bed frame and headboard that will turn your bed into a sophisticated centerpiece!

    A made-bed resting on an upholstered platform with a matching rounded and tufted headboard

    4. A sophisticated side chair to accent your room and give you a comfortable and classy spot to relax in.

    Multiple side chairs in different colors, each with a rounded, tufted back and tapered metal legs

    5. This easy-to-put-on hypoallergenic, waterproof mattress cover that will protect your mattress from allergens, bacteria, dust mites, sweat, or any accident so you can sleep peacefully knowing your mattress is safe!

    Reviewer photo of mattress covered in a mattress topper on a bed frame

    6. A charming marshmallow s'more coffee mug so you can enjoy some cocoa in an equally sweet mug!

    7. This simple, compact bookcase so you add a lil' bit of storage without taking up a lot of space and say goodbye to shuffling your things from one surface to the next.

    8. Or, this narrow cube bookcase for minimal storage that you can place anywhere! You can even lay it sideways to use for your TV or as a bench.

    Reviewer photo of three-shelf storage unit in a storage closet holding cleaning products, making space for vacuums and mops in the rest of the closet

    9. An orthopedic dog bed with three bolsters for your (arthritic) pet to rest their joints and head! Because your best friend deserves it.

    10. This waterproof polyester pet blanket so you can give your furry friend some comfort without worrying about any messes or accidents.

    Gray polyester blanket folded in half lays on the foot of a bed with a cat on top

    11. A minimalist exposed wardrobe for some aesthetic storage (tiny living style) OR to place inside your closet so you can better organize your stuff.

    The wardrobe consisting of five shelves on each side connected by two bars. Clothing hangs from each bar, and linens, shoes, and home decor rest on the shelves

    12. This super thoughtful backseat extender (slash lidded storage bin) so you don't have to worry about not having enough space for your pet to stretch out or slipping onto the floor while you drive. Plus, it opens up, so you can put any food, toys, or cleaning supplies inside.

    13. This convenient, lightweight, and bagless stick vac to take care of your carpeted AND hardwood/tile/concrete floors without the bulk of a huge vacuum. It also converts into a handheld vac for easy pick up!

    14. A portable handheld garment steamer so you can easily get rid of those frustrating wrinkles on your clothes. You can also take it room to room or easily store it, because you don't have to worry about an ironing board or steamer tank!

    The corded garment steamer with small, removable water tank

    15. These floating wooden shelves to hold your things or add some decor without taking up floor space. You can even get creative and use them as nightstands.

    Two floating shelves stacked on a wall with home decor atop each

    16. A beautiful mosaic serving tray that will be sure to delight you! Use it to carry some cocktails or showcase your makeup and perfumes.

    A wooden tray painted silver, with a metallic, mosaic inlay

    17. This rusted gear sculpture to give your home a unique and industrial accent.

    A sculpture shaped like an industrial gear covered in rust, sitting on top of books

    18. This lovely wicker basket made of seagrass to add some simple and appealing storage into your room. Toss in blankets, toys, or those old electronics!

    A convex-shaped wicker basket with a blanket hanging over the edge

    19. An affordable throw blanket to keep you cozy anywhere you go. Keep it on your bed, your couch, or even in the back of your car! The geometric design doubles as a nice accent, too.

    A gray and white throw blanket with alternating stripes and diamond patterns and white tassels laying over a gray armchair

    20. This really cool and colorful 10-piece titanium cutlery set so that you can chop and slice in style! The knives are so different and fun to look at, and they cut well, too.

    21. A nonslip, stain- and water-resistant marble-print mat made of polyvinyl foam that adds a chic design to your typical kitchen mat, so you can comfort your feet in style.

    A rectangular marble-print mat laid out in front of an oven

    22. This sturdy double-stacker cat condo so that your cat(s) can claim another piece of furniture, but, this time, you won't mind.

    The two-tiered, carpeted cat condo with a square base set in a living room

    23. A hypoallergenic, 100% cotton six-piece towel set that includes two bath towels, two hand towels, and two washcloths because they're thin, absorbent, and super soft!

    Stack of towels in green, light blue, coral, white, grey, sand, and medium blue

    24. This octagonal patio umbrella so you can relax under some shade in your outdoor space. You can tilt it, and it has wind vents so you don't have to worry about it blowing over or swaying in the breeze.

    25. A powder-coated metal three-tier TV stand so you can ditch the bulky, solid stands without having to go full-out plastic frame.

    Flat-screen TV sits on the three-tiered TV stand, made of a black metal frame and wooden shelves powdered to look like concrete

    26. This hypoallergenic reversible quilt set that will keep you comfy every time you crawl into bed. And the diamond-quilted design will give your bed a stylish flair.

    The quilt set on a bed with two pillows in matching shams

    27. An espresso, cappuccino, and latte machine equipped with a four-cup glass carafe and measuring scoop so you can recreate all your favorite coffee drinks right in your own kitchen.

    A black and stainless steel machine with a glass carafe set on the tray. A cup of espresso and a cappuccino are set next to it

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