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People Who Have Been The "Other" Person In A Relationship, Why Did You Do It And What Happened?

The "other" person is often dismissed as a flat Disney-esque villain, but we want to hear your perspective on what actually happened.

We all know that "other woman," "other man," or "other person," are loaded terms. They're generally connoted to be the villainous 2D "other" who receives the bulk of responsibility or fault in an affair — as opposed to the person in the committed relationship in the first place.

And look, cheating sucks, but that doesn't necessarily make it a black and white thing. So we want to know, if you were the "other person," what compelled you to do it and what was it like?

Right off the bat, did you know the person was in a relationship at the time, or did they play it off as if they were also single?

Was it a strong connection you felt couldn't be denied? Were you in love with each other?

Did you feel like it affected your own self-image for better or worse?

And, finally, what ultimately happened? Did you end up with the person or walk away?

We often ask people to tell us about times they've been cheated on, but we are also interested in hearing the other side. So if you feel comfortable, tell us about being the "other person" in the comments below or submit your response anonymously here.

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