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    6 Tips For Making Your Phone's Battery Lifespan Last As Long As Possible

    Easy ways to keep your battery happy.

    Ever notice after a year or two of scrolling through your spiffy smartphone that its battery doesn’t seem to last as long? Like, maybe one charge used to get you through the day, but now you’re in the red by noon? Yeah, us too.

    1. Keep Away From Extreme Temperatures

    2. Use Standard Charging Instead of Fast Charging

    3. Unplug Your Phone When It’s Done Charging

    4. Don’t Let Your Phone Completely Die

    5. Partially (Dis)Charge Your Phone

    6. Never Charge Your Phone to 100%

    Don’t stress when your phone’s battery is stressed, it was designed with all these issues in mind. Charge at your convenience. Just be mindful of your charging habits and you can get a bit more out of your battery. You’ll probably be upgrading your phone before your current battery dies anyway!