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Show Us A Tattoo That, In Hindsight, You Wish You Didn't Get

No ragrats, not even a single letter?

Alright, people, most tattoos have a story — even if that story is less about the sentiment and more about the alcohol. And OFC, sometimes that story (and tattoo) is... regrettable.

But that's okay. You can just outgrow things or break up with people or straight-up change your mind.

Maybe the idea was awesome but the execution was, well, lacking.

Then, there are some that are just bad ideas from the start. But, hey, no one can knock your commitment (until the cover-up, at least)!

Whether you regretted it immediately, the morning after, or a while later, we want to see that ink and hear the story behind it.

Submit a photo and tell us below why you got this specific tattoo and how your thoughts have changed since then. You could be featured in a BuzzFeed Community post!