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Moms, What Unexpected Thing About Motherhood Do You Wish You Knew Beforehand?

It's an identity shift that's full of surprises.

If you haven't already heard, moms 👏 are 👏 badass 👏! And of course, being a mom is just one facet of a person's identity.

So we want to know: What do you wish you knew about being a mother before you became one?

Maybe it was jarring how — the second you became responsible for a tiny human being — society expected the personality and identity you've always had to vanish, and you are now only thought of as "a mom."

Did you have to reevaluate your professional identity and the place of your career in your life?

Or were you so excited to meet your child — only to struggle to adjust to motherhood or experience postpartum depression?

On the other hand, was there a joy you discovered in motherhood that you could never anticipate — like bonding with your child, watching them experience new things, or feeling privileged to shape their minds?

Whatever unexpected thing it is, tell us in the comments below what you wish you knew about being a mother before you became one.

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