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    The 3-Ingredient Sauce That'll Make Your Next Taco Night Even Better

    *chef's kiss*

    I'm obsessed with Korean tacos — and have been ever since I first waited an hour in line for the Kogi truck's infamous short rib tacos. 🌮

    Eventually, I decided to make Korean tacos at home so I can stop hunting down food trucks. And, surprisingly, it's pretty simple! IMO, Korean tacos are one of the quickest ways to take your next taco night from pretty good to amazing. 😋

    a close up of two Korean tacos on a plate, with bright green scallions, red cabbage, and a Sriracha mayo sauce on top

    So, without further ado, here's what you'll need to whip up these bad boys yourself!

    • For tacos: Galbi (beef short ribs), Korean BBQ marinade, onion (optional), tortillas

    • For sauce: Sriracha or similar spicy sauce, mayo, lime

    • For toppings: Slaw, kimchi, scallions, anything else you'd like!

    First, prep your meat! 🥩 Since this is a Korean-style taco, you'll need galbi, or beef short ribs.

    L.A. galbi sitting in a bowl of KBBQ marinade

    For the meat, cut it up into smaller pieces and then cook it in a skillet over medium-high heat.

    For the sauce, you only need to mix three ingredients: mayo + Sriracha + lime. It's straight up perfect.

    A measuring cup with Sriracha mayo freshly mixed inside, with the Sriracha bottle, mayonnaise bottle, and cut lime in the background

    Now, this is a pretty simple taco, so besides the meat and sauce, I only used kimchi, slaw (cabbage and carrots), and scallions.

    Time to build your 🌮 taco 🌮! Just get your tortilla ready, and begin layering!

    And (after eating one and transferring two to a bigger plate), there ya have it: delicious, savory Korean tacos! A literal flavor bomb in your mouth.

    A plate showing two Korean tacos with two lime wedges

    Between the kimchi, galbi, and Sriracha mayo, there's a blend of tangy, spicy, sweet, and fresh flavors. Every bite will pack a punch. Mind = blown. Enjoy!

    The same plate showing the two Korean tacos and lime wedges from a different angle