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    7 Resale Platforms to Help Clean Out Your Closet

    Look at you and your little fashion empire.

    Are your shopping habits a blessing or a curse? We all know it’s expensive to keep up with the latest trends. You get the item and wear it once, never to be seen in it again. It’s a vicious consumption cycle that costs money and closet space.

    1. For The Running-Out-Of-Space Fashionista: Poshmark

    2. For The Brand-Conscious Who Loves A Bargain: Tradesy

    3. For Those Who Just Want To Get Rid Of Clothes: ThredUP

    4. For The Thrifter Who Loves To Barter: Vinted

    5. For The Influencer Who Needs A Storefront: Depop

    6. For The eBay-er Who Lives In The 21st Century: Mercari

    7. For The Luxury Consignor Who Means Business: The RealReal

    So what are you waiting for? Go sell!