23 Things Only People From Sheffield Will Understand

Reyt good things that make us proud to be from the Steel City.

1. This is your only memory of ‘Hole In T’Road’

The centrepiece of the “Hole In t’road” was a huge fishtank. During a big shop to town, this was ultimate mum vs. bored kid blackmail ammo. In reality, it was mostly just brown water, behind proper thick glass, with the odd glistening fish eye.

Shove that up your underwater ocean tunnel, Mr Sealife Centre.

2. Sorry, yeah, ‘Hole In T’Road’

Fox Photos / Getty Images

Hole In t’road, which of course in Sheffield means ‘The Hole In the Road’, yet scholars maintain that the translation was lost hundreds of years ago. Basically an underground shopping centre with a skylight. Despite being the number 1 hangout spot for 24-hour drunks, in 1994 this iconic landmark joined the 27 club to make way for this.


REX USA/Richard Sowersby / Rex

Is it a train, is it a tram? No it’s the SuperTram! Only Sheffield would be brazen enough to claim such a strong testament of superiority about its alternative public transport system.

4. Halfway is actually a place

REX USA/Richard Sowersby / Rex

5. Everything stops for this

OWL OR BLADE? The local soccer ball teams go head-to-head for The Steel City derby. Although we ant ad one ferawhile.

6. Everyone welled up with pride at this

Paul Thomas / Getty

…look at us winning stuff and that.

7. …and this

Matt Cardy / Getty

these lot of done a whole heap of well done.

8. But most of all, this



What a guy.

9. This is a Jennel

Note the ‘J’. NOT a Ginnel. No. Stop it.

10. This is a breadcake

Not a roll, bap, barmcake, muffin. Jesus, what’s wrong with you people, really.

11. ..and this is a fishcake

A deep fried fish sandwich, beautifully substituting the bread for slices of potato. Best served with lashings of vinegar in between #10. Dear God get in my mouth.

12. Wherever you are in the world, you brim with pure joy when you see this

The ‘Made In Sheffield’ stamp on yer cutlery. A shining beacon of Sheffield’s internationally recognised steel-making past. Still, it’s probably not a wise choice shouting ‘it’s proper quality this’ and waving a knife around when you’re trying to eat Sunday dinner with the in-laws.

13. The only reason why you watched Game of Thrones was for this man


He makes everything dead good. Apart from When Saturday Comes.

14. This is a no-go zone on a Saturday afternoon

REX USA/David Muscroft / Rex

Fancy losing your child or sanity? Enter this horrible soul sucking place at your own peril. For instant suicide try visiting on Christmas Eve or Boxing Day.

15. Losing these was a pretty big deal

How can I tell if I’m nearly home now?

16. You’d sell your left tit to be flown to Tenerife by this man

REX USA/Newspix

Yep, Sheffield-raised Mr Bruce Dickinson from Iron Maiden, you can fly me to wherever you f***king like.

17. You’ve done this in a queue

You sexy thing

18. These are undoubtedly two of the best cover versions, ever

Yorkshire-raised Tony Christie takes on the Arctic Monkeys and totally owns it.


The Legend that is Shatner.

20. Some might say ‘shit hole’

But these bad boys are the first thing that greet you when you roll into town on train.
Plus, they’ve been done up and were shortlisted for the Riba Sterling Award 2013

21. Held yer nose going through here

As a kid the fresh fish and meat markets were gag worthy. As a grown-up you realise it was a bloody fantastic outlet for local retailers & produce. RIP Castle Market. Eff you, Tesco.

22. You’ve spent a large chunk of your childhood waiting for these guys

The centrepiece of Orchard Square is a chiming clock with moving figures depicting Sheffield’s cutlery trade every 15 minutes. The longest 15 minutes in every Sheffield Mum’s life.

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