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The 25 Awkward Stages Of Having A Workplace Crush

Because work would be boring without them...

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1. You spot them across the office for the very first time

2. You attempt, subtly to find out their name and what they actually do there

3. You start making way more of an effort with your appearance every morning

4. You try (and fail) to catch their attention from across the room

5. But confronted with the possibility of having to actually interact with them, you panic


6. So you resort to Googling them instead

7. And arrange a conference with your friends to discuss everything you've learned


8. Then one day you bump into them in the corridor and they smile...

9. You find their contributions to team meetings endlessly fascinating

10. When they're out of the office, work becomes infinitely less interesting

11. When they're back, you have to try to conceal how pleased you are to see them


12. You prepare for their potential appearance at a work night out like this

13. And decide to finally make your move...

14. But success! They begin to acknowledge you in the office!


15. When they reveal details about their life, you have to pretend that you haven't already read it on their Facebook page


16. You may start to read too much into their actions

17. When you see somone else talking to them in the staff kitchen

18. This person now becomes your sworn rival, whom you will never include in the tea round again

19. You begin to worry you might not be as subtle in your attentions as you'd hoped

20. Then one day they casually mention that they're seeing someone

21. And you have to hide your disappointment

22. Now seeing them in the office makes you feel like this

23. You get irrationally angry at the unfairness of it all

24. And decide to give up on love forever

25. But wait! Who's that new guy/girl...?

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