15 Sloth GIFs You Need To See Today

These cute critters demand your attention immediately.

1. This sleepy sloth yawning

Now with added sloth tongue.

2. This sloth who has made an unlikely alliance

3. This sloth who has made an even more unlikely alliance

4. This very hungry baby sloth

5. This clumsy sloth

Animal Planet / Via giphy.com

6. This sloth who is a master of hide and seek

7. These sloths who know it’s important to eat their greens

8. This sloth who is so cute even she can’t handle it

9. This sloth who is simply fascinated by your story

10. This sloth who is having the sweetest dream

11. This sloth who has picked out a thoughtful gift just for you

It even matches her outfit!

13. This sloth who fails, but in the most adorable way

14. This sloth who is coming at you

15. And finally, this sloth enjoying a nice hot bath

Animal Planet / Via wifflegif.com

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