15 Reasons You Want Rae Earl To Be Your Best Friend

With season 2 of My Mad Fat Diary due to start soon, what better time to remind ourselves why Rae is actually amazing?

1. She has amazing taste in music.

And wears the heck out of a Stone Roses t-shirt.

2. She also has top notch celebrity crushes.

But is realistic about her chances with them.

3. She has good taste in boys in real life too. Meet Archie…

He turned out to be gay, but they’re still good friends.

4. …And Finn.

Seriously, how cute?!

5. Pretty much all her friends are awesome too.

E4 / Via giphy.com

You’d fit right in.

6. She knows how to party.

E4 / Via giphy.com

Well, rave. It was the 90s.

7. And she can handle her alcohol.

E4 / Via tumblr.com

Real women drink pints.

8. She secretly wants to be Wonder Woman too.

E4 / Via giphy.com

Don’t pretend you don’t.

9. She knows exactly what she wants from the opposite sex.

She knows what she wants and she goes after it.

10. She looks weirdly hot in a hospital gown.


You wish you looked this good when you were institutionalised.

11. She has a diverse range of idols.

Something for everyone.

12. She has an excellent line in put-downs.

E4 / Via rebloggy.com

Simon Cowell would be proud.

13. Basically, she isn’t afraid to speak her mind.

Haven’t we all wanted to say that?

14. Like everyone, she has bad days…

E4 / Via giphy.com

We’ve all felt this way at one time or another.

15. …But she know’s how awesome she really is.

E4 / Via rebloggy.com

You go girl!

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