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13 Reasons Why Working At Hotcourses Was Awesome

Best three months ever...

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1. Getting to write every day was pretty cool

2. As was looking at cute cats in the name of article research

It's ok, looking at pictures of cats at work makes you more productive:


Don't you feel like you could achieve anything now?

Don't you feel like you could achieve anything now?

3. Plus there is literally always cake...

4. And biscuits...

The treats cupboard was the best thing EVER.

5. And, um, fruit

Fruit is OK.

6. After writing all those city snippets, I feel incredibly knowledgeable

7. Putney is really pretty

8. Even if getting there from Essex was sometimes trying

9. Sam was in the caption competition every single time, and no one seemed to notice.

Which was hilarious.

10. Everyone called me by my actual name, and not "Vicky", or "Vic"

You have no idea how often that happens, and how much I hate it.

11. And even though leaving was sad...

12. It was a great experience

13. So thank you!

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