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This Instagram Pic Of Tamera Mowry And Her Baby Has Won The Internet

Sister, Sister.

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You may remember Tamera Mowry from that legendary show Sister, Sister. Well she's all grown up now and she's on daytime TV show The Real...

tameramowrytwo / Via

...and she's even got an adorable family of her own.

tameramowrytwo / Via

This week Tamera and her daughter Ariah won the internet over with this incredibly cute selfie. 😭😭😭

Instagram: @tameramowrytwo

Everyone is absolutely loving this picture of them twinning. Can we also take a moment to appreciate how perfectly tied their head-wraps are too.

Tamera Mowry & her daughter are the cutest 😩😍


Y'all can't keep tweeting this picture of Tamera & her baby! My heart can't take it. Please 😩😩

imagine you're at work and your wife sends you this. man!

At this moment you'd probably consider if you should pull a sickie.

Here is Ariah slaying in her scarf again. Boss baby 👑

tameramowrytwo / Via

Well done for owning the internet this week, guys! Please do it again.👑

Instagram: @tameramowrytwo