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    This Is What Happened At The "Day Of Rage" Protest

    "It's clear that our government has a careless disregard for human life," one protester told BuzzFeed News.

    More than 150 people gathered on Wednesday to protest the government's handling of the Grenfell Tower fire tragedy. The march was significant because earlier that day the Queen's Speech was delivered, marking the state opening of parliament.

    Victoria Sanusi / BuzzFeed

    Theresa May had been severely criticised for not speaking to survivors of the fire in the direct aftermath of the tragedy โ€“ although she returned to the scene in the following days. On Wednesday, the PM apologised for the government's response.

    Theresa May is in St Clement's Church. A group of v angry women is waiting for her to come out.

    The crowd marched through central London demanding answers from those they say are responsible for the Grenfell Tower fire. The event was called a "Day of Rage".

    Victoria Sanusi / BuzzFeed
    Victoria Sanusi / BuzzFeed

    Precious, a 22-year-old Londoner who did not want to give her last name, said: "It's clear that our government has a careless disregard for human life." She said not everyone at the protest was from the north Kensington area, but that people had come together as a community.

    22y/o Precious tells me "it's clear that our government has a careless disregard for human life" #DayOfRage

    Fatima, 17, attended the march with her friends. She told BuzzFeed News they had designed special T-shirts for the protest.

    Victoria Sanusi / BuzzFeed

    Fatima (left) and friends

    She said she thought the way the government responded to the tragedy was "unfair".

    Louise Robertson travelled from Scotland to attend the protest. She was holding a banner signed by 200 people in Scotland.

    Louise Robertson travelled down from Scotland today. She said: lI've come here to show solidarity for the people inโ€ฆ

    She told BuzzFeed News: "I am here today because my community has suffered some austerity because of the fire."

    Victoria Sanusi for BuzzFeed News

    "There is a political link and I am here to make that link," she said. "What the Tories and the government have done to these people is just unbearably awful. I wanted to come and offer my support to the community here."

    The crowd seemed to be very fond of Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, as they kept chanting his name.

    The Socialist party was also present, handing out flyers and posters to protesters as they reached Westminster.

    Victoria Sanusi for BuzzFeed News

    Helen, a member of the Socialist party, told BuzzFeed News: "We have come down to oppose the new Tory government and the Queen's speech, which is planning more austerity."

    Victoria Sanusi for BuzzFeed News

    She said she wanted to "fight for a real alternative" for a people in unsafe social housing, adding: "We need a policy that puts people before profit."

    Although most protesters were gathered due to the horrid events at Grenfell Tower, some people had come for different reasons, such as the NHS.

    Speaking to the crowd, a junior doctor called Mark criticised the Conservative government for not providing more funding for the NHS. He later told BuzzFeed News he wanted to show support for those affected by the Grenfell Tower fire as well.

    A junior doctor clearly not happy with the NHS. #DayOfRage

    Another protester, Margarita, told BuzzFeed News that she had seen the protesters and, as she had her poster with her, just decided to join in. She was protesting on behalf of a baby in Great Ormond Street Hospital who has a rare disease, and said the government isn't doing enough to help him. She said she doesn't know the baby.

    Victoria Sanusi / BuzzFeed
    Victoria Sanusi / BuzzFeed

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