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This Mom Took A Selfie Unaware Her Daughter's Childhood Crush Nick Jonas Was In The Background

Never stop taking selfies, Cheryl.

Meet 18-year-old Presley Peterson and her very cool mother, Cheryl Potts. They both live in Melbourne, Florida. Peterson told BuzzFeed News that she sadly hadn't been able to join her mother and father and their friends on a vacation to Hawaii.

Peterson said that her mother shared a few holiday pictures via iMessage so she could have a peek at what she was missing out on.

But Peterson was beyond shocked to find that none other than Nick Jonas was lurking in the background of her mother's selfie.

And this is a pretty big deal because Peterson has always been a massive fan of the Jonas Brothers.

just a reminder that I would take out a loan to see the Jonas brothers in concert

"I have a soft spot for Nick. He is definitely relatable and, of course, he is as cute as can be," she said.

i wonder if the people sitting next to me can hear the Jonas brothers music I'm blaring rn

Peterson said when she first saw the picture message, she was "really shocked". She spoke to her mum afterwards about it, who had no idea that it was really Nick Jonas in the background of the picture.

She said she thought Jonas "looked like a friend of hers' son!" She added: "My mom is kind of silly. This is the kind of thing she would do, she's so funny."

Peterson was pretty confident it was her childhood crush as she follows him on Snapchat, and she noticed he was sharing pictures in Hawaii at the same time.

When Peterson shared her discovery on Twitter, her tweet received over 9,800 likes and over 5,900 retweets. "It was fun at first... Then it got annoying because I couldn't use my Twitter because of the notifications," she said.

Never stop taking selfies, Cheryl.