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This School Is Producing Students With Bloody Amazing A-Level Results

I am sending my kids to this school.

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Today is Thursday 18 August and it's also A-level results day. It's the moment students across the UK find out whether their grades were high enough to get into university.

It's also the day an east London sixth form, Brampton Manor Academy, sent Twitter into overdrive because its students did so bloody well.

Joseph is off to Cambridge to study medicine after achieving A*A*A*A*. Congrats Joseph!


Ferouze is off to study Dentistry after achieving A*A*A. Well done Ferouze - huge congratulations.

Now people want to send their future kids to Brampton Manor.

The headteacher of Brampton Manor, Dayo Olukoshi, told BuzzFeed News there was nothing in the water there except "a real determination to achieve".

Victoria Sanusi / BuzzFeed

Olukoshi wasn't aware the school was going viral on Twitter until BuzzFeed News told him. He said: "This is delightful. There is no magic here. Just hard work."

Our school stay lit 🌊πŸ”₯❀️ Brampton manor did it again πŸ‘πŸΎ

He said 96% of his students received A-C grades. "Just over 50% got A*-A grades," he added, before praising Brampton Manor students for being "absolutely amazing".

Brampton Manor Stars! All off to Russell Group Universities, including Oxbridge after achieving stunning A levels

"The only limit to success is their own self-belief," he said. Olukoshi says the staff at Brampton Manor truly believe the "students can achieve anything".

Huge congrats Shams - off to the prestigious LSE to study Economics after achieving A*A*A*A. Congrats Shams.

Brampton Manor student Lutfha Amin collected her results today and received four A grades. She told BuzzFeed News it was crazy her school was trending on Twitter, especially because it's just a state school.

Victoria Sanusi / BuzzFeed

The 17-year-old from east London said she was "over the moon" with her results and will be celebrating later with a cheeky Nando's.

Many people posted lovely tweets about the school.

Omdssss this Brampton manor 😭😭 GWARN black people #BlackLivesMatter #blackexcellence

Brampton Manor are doing bits for PoC,im loving it, #blackexcellence

Meanwhile others are still adamant that their offspring will attend the school.


My child needs to attend Brampton manor school tbh

Overall people are just proud of the students.

Brampton Manor is in East ham unooooo, these kids aren't even from a prestigious area, I'm so proud of them 😭


Brampton Manor is a State School 😳 Naaah they are doing an absolute madness over there

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