This Father Surprising His Son With His Birthday Present Is The Best Thing You'll See Today

    "Don't cry, you're about to make me cry."

    It was 12-year-old Braheim's birthday a few days ago and he was pretty sad because he thought his dad forgot about his special day.

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    His father, 36-year-old Devon Fowler from Philadelphia, told BuzzFeed News that because he is currently unemployed money has been tight.

    So when Braheim, who dreams of becoming a professional baseball player, asked for a baseball bat, Fowler "kept telling him I don’t have the money for it".

    However, Fowler later posted a video on Facebook of him surprising his son with a baseball bat, and it's amazing. In the video, Fowler tells a visibly upset Braheim to check the boot of the car. And this is his reaction:

    Braheim is so overwhelmed to realise his father has got him the gift that he bursts into tears. Fowler then tells him: "Don't cry, you're about to make me cry", before adding: "I ain't forgot about you... I love you."

    “He had a baseball game that day and my plan was to give him the bat [right] before the game... but I was feeling bad. I don’t like my son upset. So I gave it to him early," Fowler said.

    He said it “felt good" to be able to give Braheim the gift. "He knows I am unemployed and I don’t have much money," Fowler added. "He wanted the bat so bad, so I got it for him by working odd jobs."

    In the video, Fowler tells his son: "Let me see you post up with it", and obviously Braheim was ready. 😎

    Since Fowler posted the clip to his Facebook page a few days ago, it's been shared all over the internet and has received over 23 million views on Bleacher Report's account.

    Fowler said he couldn't believe how much attention the video has received. "I woke up the next day after posting it and I was getting so many phone calls," he said.

    He said Braheim was "excited" that the video has gone viral. "I told my son: Don't let the attention get to your head. Focus on your dreams, which is to become a professional baseball player," he said.

    Fowler, who is running a crowdfunding campaign to get his son training and another bat, said he wishes he could provide more for Braheim: "His teammates have more than one bat and Braheim only has one bat. I am trying to do right by him. All the kids on his team go to pro training. I can't afford it."

    The video has made so many people teary.


    "This the most beautiful thing I've seen on here," said one user.

    The pair ended the video with a fist bump, as you do.