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    This Father Surprising His Son With His Birthday Present Is The Best Thing You'll See Today

    "Don't cry, you're about to make me cry."

    It was 12-year-old Braheim's birthday a few days ago and he was pretty sad because he thought his dad forgot about his special day.

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    His father, 36-year-old Devon Fowler from Philadelphia, told BuzzFeed News that because he is currently unemployed money has been tight.

    So when Braheim, who dreams of becoming a professional baseball player, asked for a baseball bat, Fowler "kept telling him I don’t have the money for it".

    However, Fowler later posted a video on Facebook of him surprising his son with a baseball bat, and it's amazing. In the video, Fowler tells a visibly upset Braheim to check the boot of the car. And this is his reaction:

    bleacherreport / Via Facebook: bleacherreport

    Braheim is so overwhelmed to realise his father has got him the gift that he bursts into tears. Fowler then tells him: "Don't cry, you're about to make me cry", before adding: "I ain't forgot about you... I love you."

    bleacherreport / Via Facebook: bleacherreport

    “He had a baseball game that day and my plan was to give him the bat [right] before the game... but I was feeling bad. I don’t like my son upset. So I gave it to him early," Fowler said.

    He said it “felt good" to be able to give Braheim the gift. "He knows I am unemployed and I don’t have much money," Fowler added. "He wanted the bat so bad, so I got it for him by working odd jobs."

    In the video, Fowler tells his son: "Let me see you post up with it", and obviously Braheim was ready. 😎

    bleacherreport / Via Facebook: bleacherreport

    Since Fowler posted the clip to his Facebook page a few days ago, it's been shared all over the internet and has received over 23 million views on Bleacher Report's account.

    bleacherreport / Via Facebook: bleacherreport

    Fowler said he couldn't believe how much attention the video has received. "I woke up the next day after posting it and I was getting so many phone calls," he said.

    He said Braheim was "excited" that the video has gone viral. "I told my son: Don't let the attention get to your head. Focus on your dreams, which is to become a professional baseball player," he said.

    Fowler, who is running a crowdfunding campaign to get his son training and another bat, said he wishes he could provide more for Braheim: "His teammates have more than one bat and Braheim only has one bat. I am trying to do right by him. All the kids on his team go to pro training. I can't afford it."

    The video has made so many people teary.

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    CacaoBuddha / Via Twitter: @CacaoBuddha

    "This the most beautiful thing I've seen on here," said one user.

    demariorayvon / Via Twitter: @demariorayvon

    The pair ended the video with a fist bump, as you do.

    bleacherreport / Via Facebook: bleacherreport

    Victoria Sanusi is a reporter for BuzzFeed News and is based in London.

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