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This Teen Gave The Most Valuable Life Advice Whilst Applying Her Make Up

"Don't give it to me."

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Meet 16-year-old Sydnie Adams from New Orleans, Louisiana. She's an aspiring make-up artist, student and YouTuber.

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Adams' told BuzzFeed News that an old classmate "told me not to eat because I was fat," which she said made her "upset". The incident prompted her to record a video which she shared on Twitter.

Soon later many parody accounts on Twitter and Facebook pages shared her video. It received over two and half million views on Trinarockstarr's Facebook page.

Facebook: video.php

"It's weird that I went viral lol," Adams said. "Considering that's how I really am." In fact she even posted a video response today saying, "I still ain't shit though."

Its real cool but lol im still lame as every , nothing changed

She thanks her family for her humour: "My family, they are absolutely hilarious". Adams' mother, Constance Adams, told BuzzFeed News that her daughter is "extremely talented".

Of course people relate to her words on a spiritual level.

rubmyTUMMIngs / Via Twitter: @rubmyTUMMIngs

Many people were weeping over Adams' slay.

NayDiamonds / Via Twitter: @NayDiamonds
cakefacediosa / Via Twitter: @cakefacediosa

Adams said after the video she got cookies and cream ice cream.

dior_que / Via Twitter: @dior_que

Adams has another message for people with unsolicited advice: they should keep it to themselves. "Unless they have ice cream, then I'm all ears." 👏🏿

Instagram: @la_sydd

Victoria Sanusi is a reporter for BuzzFeed News and is based in London.

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