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    Does Drake Lip-Synching To Taylor Swift's "Bad Blood" Mean They're Actually Dating?

    Are #Draylor trolling us? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    Apple Music's latest commercial includes Drizzy Drake dancing and lip-synching to Taylor Swift's "Bad Blood".

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    And it's very entertaining, to say the least.

    Now, remember back in April, when Taylor Swift fell off a treadmill while rapping to "Jumpman" by Drake and Future? 👀

    When Drake shared the video on Instagram, he also shared an interesting hashtag... "#Draylor". 👀⛵️

    But does this mean Drake and Taylor Swift are actually dating?

    TBH, people aren't really buying it.

    Some even think Drake should be cautious.

    And some think it's really all fun and games.