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    A Man Who Served In Iraq Shared Powerful Tweets Addressing Trump's #ImmigrantBan

    "All I care about is reaching one person," Kirk W. Johnson told BuzzFeed News.

    This is 36-year-old Kirk W. Johnson from Los Angeles. Johnson used to work in Iraq as a reconstruction coordinator for the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) during the war.

    He is now the author of To Be a Friend Is Fatal and the founder of the List Project, which works to resettle Iraqi refugees.

    On Sunday Johnson shared a thread of 54 tweets that have been retweeted more than 14,000 times addressing President Trump's #ImmigrantBan. He told BuzzFeed News: "I've never tweeted before and doubt I will again." Referring to Trump, he added: "All I care about is reaching one person."

    In the extensive thread, Johnson shared what he witnessed while working in the city of Fallujah including the gruesome deaths of Iraqi soldiers who lost their lives defending the US.

    Pointing to the protests against Trump's executive order outside a series of US airports, Johnson told BuzzFeed News: "[Muslims] should look to the airports if you want to understand the heart of our country. This past week has been bad, but normal Americans haven't forgotten who we are."

    He said his Twitter thread explains everything he wants to say to Trump, with the exception of "one glaringly false assertion he made". "That this is the same as what President Obama did in 2011," Johnson added.

    "I wrestled with the Obama administration (and the Bush administration before that) to speed up processing for our Iraqi allies, but neither administration even contemplated the absurd idea of yanking valid visas away from people who have already gone through extreme vetting. (Back then, the Obama administration called it 'enhanced vetting')."

    People really appreciated Johnson's Twitter thread.

    Some described his account as "incredible".

    And "eye-opening".