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17 Times Jenna Maroney Was You In Your Twenties

Let's be real. You're a mess, just like Miss Maroney.

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1. Planning your birthday

NBC/ Tumblr / Via

2. Trying to flirt

NBC/ Tumblr

go big or go home.

3. Acting over confident

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Once you've had one too many... a little confidence never hurt anyone

4. In denial

NBC/ Tumblr

5. When you discover The Office on Netflix

6. When you get your first "grown up" job

7. When you and your best friend like the same guy

Via gifs-from-the-seaside-ca

8. When you ask your parents to send you money

9. When someone steps to you

10. Going home from a long night out

11. Trying to be the next J.K. Rowling

12. When you give yourself a pep talk

13. After you belt beyonce in the car

14. When someone tries to fight you and your friends

15. When you finally wake up from that 7 hour nap

16. When you try to comfort your friends

17. Basically, you think everything you do is amazing

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