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    Top 10 Easy Last Minute Halloween Make Up Ideas

    When you 're suddenly invited out to a Halloween party and all you have lying around is normal make up or a couple of standard colour face-paints, or if you feel you have no make-up talent. This is the article you need.

    1. Zombie make-up

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    White Cream Face paint, Toilet Paper, Foundation (optional),Eye Shadows (Brown, Dark Purple, Grey) Red Lipstick or Fake blood - super easy to find materials makes this zombie tutorial perfect for last minute parties. And yes, that does say toilet paper.

    2. Extremely simple skeleton make-up

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    All you need for this one is black and white face-paint.

    If you don't have that, then you could use a light face powder and eye-liner. Though you may need to buy a new eye-liner at the end of it!

    3. Sexy witch

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    Sexy witch, every woman's go to. For this you just need a lot of green facepaint, a dark eyeshadow and a red lipstick. (Oh and to have the patience for a lot of blending!)

    4. Mermaid make-up

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    This is gorgeous, if you don't have the epic skills for the whole make-up look then you can make the scales part of the make-up simply with an old pair of fishnets and a couple of bluey/purpley/greeny toned eyeshadows.

    5. Cheetah

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    There's more than one idea in this video but I love the simple Cheetah look. All you need is black eyeliner, light powder or cream make up and a darker colour like a bronzer. Oh and a steady hand.

    6. Cartoon make-up look

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    Again you'll need a steady hand for this, red lipstick, your normal make up base and a lot of eyeliner or black facepaint.

    7. Creepy Doll make-up

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    For this you'll need some of your normal make-up items, and white face-paint, or if you already have a white eye pencil you can use that.

    8. Pirate make-up

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    This is so simple! All you need is a dark black or brown powder/facepaint or eyeliner and a red lip pencil. If you don't have a stick on beard you can just use your black pencil to draw this on too!

    9. A simple vampire look for guys

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    All you need to do is use a brown/red eye shadow, a white powder or cream to dull the lips and a pop of fake blood or if you don't have that nick your friend's red lipstick.

    10. Creepy smile!

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    You can look like a creepy Cheshire cat without the cat part. Black red and white colours are all you need!

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