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33 Times Snape Won The GIF Game

Comedy this strong? It's a GIFt.

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1. When Snape did a Willow Smith.

2. When Snape was basically Dr. Evil.

3. When he was sexy AND he knew it.

4. When he was still sexy and he still knew it.

5. When he didn't have time for haters.

6. When he looked at Dumbledore partying hard.

7. When he was Regina George's mum.

8. When he was the face of L'Oreal.

9. When Snape approved.

10. When he said really inappropriate things (or appeared to say really inappropriate things.)

11. When we saw his behind the scenes Maybelline advert.

12. When he DGAF.

13. When he went all Ludacris on everybody.

14. When he side-eyed these floating candles.

15. When he wasn't even mad.

16. When he was ready to get down.

17. When he was too sassy for his own good.

18. When he slaps Ron for infinity.

19. When he danced in this evil but brightly coloured dancing group.

20. When he wanted that shit.

21. When he did this dance with the Malfoy's.

22. When he wore a party hat.

23. When he was in a full length L'Oreal advert.

24. When he was displeased.

25. When he was a bad ass mother f*cker.

26. When he had an asparagus wand.

27. When he was in Glee.

28. When he was outta there.

29. When he was Lady Gaga.

30. When he went all Titanic on us.

31. When he was the boss.

32. When he was so ghetto fabulous.

33. When he was totally done.

Now bookmark this so you forever have all your Snape GIF needs.

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