The Greatest Photoshop Battles Of All Time

Thanks to /r/photoshopbattles for providing us with such sweet entertainment.

1. The original - John Cena granting a Make-a-Wish

2. Here’s where it gets good…

6. The Original - Man awkwardly ruins engagement photo at Disney

This one even got solidified meme status.

Whoops, scuse me, oops, sorry, coming through.

Always getting in the way..

The real proposal.

11. The Original - Man in disguise as a swan.

Yes really.

16. The Original - Teacher trying to help.

17. Lesson: Never hold up a sign on the internet.

Obligatory Nic Cage.

21. The Original - Owl having a bad feather day.

25. The Original - Girl attacked by a pigeon.

How could you not photoshop this.

Warhol with genius pigeon addition.

30. The Original - Just a bear in a cotton field.

Smarter than the average bear.

35. The Original - Man on mobile suitcase.

Simply glorious.

40. The Original - Arnie throwing divers off a boat.

41. Get ready for Arnie in glorious situations.

Tourist Arnie annoying the locals.

Some of these don’t even need descriptions.

BBQ Arnie. I don’t know either…

arrrrrrrrrgggggg ingonyamaaaaaaaa bagithiiiii Babaaaa

46. The Original - Macaulay Culkin

This one became a worldwide news story with the resulting images even being reported as real.

We must go deeper!

Messing with the timelines.

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