The Definitive Ranking Of Easter Chocolate

To be honest, I’ll eat it all but here are the top 13 in order of YUMTASTIC.

1. Top of the class will always be Cadbury Mini Eggs

Eat them like crisps? Oh yes, me too!

2. The Gold Lindt Bunny

Yes you feel guilty chomping it’s head off but only for about 2 seconds.

3. Goo dares wins! The Creme Egg is a piece of Cadbury mastery

Lick out the creme or snaffle it in one?

4. Milkybar buttons are good but Milkybar mini eggs are SO MUCH BETTER

MILKybar = milk = good for your bones.

5. MaltEaster Bunnies, like Maltesers but shaped like bunnies!

Hop into my mouth, won’t you?

6. Lindor eggs are crafted by angels, I think…

7. Anything Easter themed from Hotel Chocolat

Seriously, get in ma belly.

8. The classic Cadbury Dairy Milk

Smashing it, biting into it, searching for the bit where all the chocolate congregated to make an extra thick bit.

9. The Egg’n’Spoon - these count as a high source of protein, right?

10. ChokaBlok Eggs

These are embedded with other ingredients of heaven!

11. Caramel, nuff said

12. Marks & Spencer’s eggs of creativity

I mean how great is that?!

13. Personalised Thorntons eggs

Just so long as your name isn’t Wayne Rooney

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