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The 23 Highs And Lows Of Long Haul Flights

Films and individually wrapped food items vs. plane toilets and screaming children...

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1. Before getting on the plane you're pretty excited for the far-flung destination that you'll be stepping foot on in approximately 10 hours.

Unless you're going home, of course.

2. The concept of being able to do absolutely nothing is so appealing...

3. ... until you've been on a plane for 5 hours.

4. Oooh! Lots of new films to watch!

5. The torture of trying to hold in farts.

6. The happiness when you let a sly one go.

7. Realising how many farts must be accumulating in this enclosed space.

8. Not being able to go outside for some fresh air.

9. The fact that someone serves you food at least twice.


11. People who kick the back of your chair.

12. Having loads of time to listen to your favourite tunes.

13. Realising you're not going to be able to hold your pee until the airport.

14. When you hit turbulence.

15. Followed by the inevitable thoughts that you might crash.

16. Trying to decide whether it would be preferable to crash on land or sea.

17. Before getting excited again for more food in it's tiny, individual packaging.

18. Wondering how on earth you're staying in the air.

Planes are really heavy!

19. Being amazed at the view out the window.

20. The trauma of trying to fall asleep sitting up.

21. Having the person in front ask if you mind them reclining their seat into your LAP.

22. Worse still having them recline without even asking. Pricks.

23. When the plane lands and you know that the liklihood of dying in a plane crash has just dramatically reduced.

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