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The 13 Most Unlucky People In The Universe

In celebration of Friday 13th, we wonder how it's possible these people can be this unlucky.

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1. Robert Langdon

He's always embroiled in some sort of shit. Yes I know he's invited to crack the codes, but as soon as he arrives things seem to get progressively worse, to the point he's nearly killed.

Plus, dat haircut.

9. Everyone in Eastenders

Seriously, have you seen a more depressed bunch of people living in one square and no wonder, deaths here and there, accidents and other unlucky things. They should definitely be avoiding ladders and black cats in Walford this Friday.

10. Romeo and Juliet *Spoiler Alert*

Their families don't want them to be together, there is subsequently fighting and deaths as well as the fact Romeo kills himself because he thinks Juliet is dead, but she's not, but then she sees that he is and decides to kill herself. I wouldn't exactly call these two lucky.

12. John McClane

His wife keeps leaving him, terrorists have a weird way of bumping in to him especially around Christmas, and he even knows how unlucky he is... 'how can the same shit happen to the same guy twice?'

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