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    33 Facts About Irritable People That All Irritable People Will Understand

    I don't have pet peeves, I have whole kennels of irritation. - Whoopi Goldberg

    1. People think you're a really angry person.

    2. When actually you're a pretty happy person.

    3. You just let out your irritation as and when it occurs so it doesn't build into a rage.

    4. People like to comment on your irritability which then makes you unnecessarily irritated, which is super irritating.

    5. When everyone wants to do something that you find annoying, you get unfairly called names like "party pooper."

    6. Slow walkers leave you inwardly screaming.

    7. In fact, people in general annoy you at most opportunities.

    8. Especially children.

    9. You can't cope with whingers.

    10. Particularly social media whingers and attention seekers. BLOCK.

    11. You regularly declare sentences like "That's SO annoying!," "I hate < insert irritation >" "That really annoys me," etc.

    12. Having to do anything that you don't want to is annoying.

    13. Public transport: waiting for it, sharing it with mingers, cancellations - you name it.

    14. Getting ready for bed every night is a real test.

    15. People who ask questions that can easily be answered by simply Googling it.

    16. Every other road user.

    17. Complainers who don't do anything to fix their problem.

    18. Technology NOT WORKING.

    19. People that park like arseholes.

    20. Even really, really nice people annoy you.

    21. Repeating yourself is asking for trouble.

    22. Sometimes, even people's clothes irritate you.

    23. Noise that shouldn't be there. No.

    24. You're so irritable, some people's voices are too much to bear.

    25. When cashiers put coins on top of notes.

    26. Waiting... for anything.

    27. Having to pretend you're not annoyed to conform to social norms.

    28. Stupid people being stupid in your space.

    29. Most forms of physical contact winds you up.

    30. You've probably been accused of using too much colourful language.

    31. People who don't know you very well are often scared of you.

    (But you're actually a really cool person who's just honest with your feelings.)

    32. Basically everything and anything annoys you.

    33. But it's only for like two seconds and then you're fine again.