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30 Dancing GIFs For Every Situation

I just wanna dance with somebody.

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1. The 'no-one-is-watching-me-I'm-in-my-car' dance.

2. When you're trying to impress your crush.

3. When you don't even care where you are, you just need to dance.

4. The happiest dance in the world.

5. I don't care if it's 'white person' dancing, I'm gonna dance!

6. The 'never too old' dance.

7. When someone's making you dance when you don't want to.

8. When you don't even GAF.

9. The very-drunk-anything-goes wedding dance.

10. When you spot someone damn fine from across the room.

11. When you're sizing someone/something up.

12. 'This food is awesome' dancing.

13. Yes, you looked like a prat but you gave it a go...

14. When you're feeling sassy.

15. When your song comes on.

16. The 'I'm pretty happy and a bit smug about something' dance.

17. The 'It doesn't matter who you are, you're gonna dance' dance.

18. When you don't have time for terrible dancing.

19. When you need to GTFO of a situation sharpish.

20. When you're like 'Guys, I don't know if I can do this... JUST KIDDING!'

21. When you can't be dealing with someone else's sh*t.

22. The 'I didn't know there would be dancing' dance.

23. When you're feeling good.

24. The sarcastic dance.

25. The haters gonna hate #dontcurr dance.

26. When someone steals your moves.

27. Dance like nobody's watching.

28. 'This tune's so good I can't even stop myself.'

29. When you're like 'Don't interrupt my flow.'

30. And the dance you do for that classic moment when you find out who the father of your child is.

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