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28 GIFs To Make You Happy When You're Feeling Down

Turn that frown upside down!

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1. Watch this with music, it's a thousand times better.

2. Air hugs all round!

3. This mean tweet...

ABC / Via

...and their reaction.

4. Samuel L. Catson

5. Always this dance.

Warner Bros. / Via

6. Look how many f*cks I give.

7. Crawling competition.

8. The many faces of Dr. Ellie of Jurassic Park.

Universal Pictures / Via

9. Whoever came up with this caption.

SO perfect.

10. This beautiful reunion.

11. Monkeys who love each other this much.

12. Haters Gonna Hate Baby.

13. An owl having a head massage.

14. This inspired way of descending stairs.

15. Tom Hiddleston dancing.

16. This ice hockey player making this kid's YEAR.

17. The happiest dance ever.

18. GIF loop perfection.

19. A terrifying electric mouse.

20. Heartbreaking animal story.

21. The Fresh Prince dancing.

NBC / Via

22. Justin Bieber walking into a glass door.

23. Babies of happiness.

24. Smugness obliterated.

25. Baby don't give a damn.

26. We shouldn't laugh...but we do.

27. Falling over is always funny, whether you're a model or a penguin.

28. This Friends episode.

I know it's not a GIF but it had to be included.
NBC / Via

I know it's not a GIF but it had to be included.

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