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28 GIFs That Perfectly Describe Your Feelings Towards Food

Get in ma belly!

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1. When it's your birthday and you know the leftover cake is all for you.

2. Going through any type of drive-thru.

3. Pouring your most favourite cereal that probably involves some level of chocolate.

4. When you thought you'd finished a packet of something and then realise there's one left.

5. At a really good buffet.

6. When you've made the best pasta of your life.

7. Waiting on someone else to serve up.

8. PERFECT burgers.

9. When two hands just aren't enough.

10. Eating magic food that you almost can't believe exists.

11. There is never enough ice cream.

12. When food comes in nifty packaging; takeaways, plane food etc

13. After you've painstakingly put together the ultimate sandwich.

14. When someone says 'I'll bring a picnic.'

15. On your way to a BBQ.

16. Popcorn time at the cinema.

17. The moment your food arrives in a restaurant.

18. Christmas dinner.

19. The first bite of a really good hot dog.

20. When an ice-cream van turns up, unexpectedly.

21. The first time (and every time after that) you witnessed a giant cookie.

22. At an all you can eat restaurant.

23. The smell when you're baking.

24. When you know it's someone's birthday at work which means there will be cake.

25. Trying to decide at the Pick 'n' Mix counter.

26. When you realise that food never lets you down.

27. When you've been waiting ages to eat and you're finally reunited.

28. All food times are good times.

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