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28 Animals Who Have Absolutely No Idea What Is Going On

Wait, whut?

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1. It's not real life, doofus!

2. I just don't understand, my paw/eye coordination is spot on!

3. That bush just jumped in the air, IT JUMPED IN THE AIR.

4. I was just so excited to see my twin and then everything went black.

5. Is this thing on?

6. Something terrible is happening right now.

7. Have we met?

8. What. Is. Happening. In. My. Life?


10. Personal space = breached.

11. What are you..? Who are..?

12. Swimming through air is my favourite thing.

13. WTF?! That door just moved. I saw it.

14. Maybe if I La Cucaracha long enough I'll get inside?

15. To me, to you.

16. I see door, I wait at door.

17. I won't rest until it's dead.

18. You had something on you!

19. ... and this is supposed to be fun?

20. Don't worry, I've got it, I've got it!

21. What is this icy screen of torment?

22. Something strange is going on back there but I'm afraid to look.

23. What is singing to me?

24. Something dreadful is happening here.

25. I don't know this sensation but I want to.

26. Dafuq?

27. It worked perfectly fine the first time.

28. I just don't feel like I'm going anywhere in life.

Sometimes, there are exceptions to the rule.

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