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27 Things Self-Conscious Dancer's Know To Be True


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1. You can only dance when you're drunk.

2. People always try to drag you up to the dance floor.

3. So you have to destroy everybody's dreams.

4. At first they ignore you...

5. ... until they realise they won't win and the disappointment sets in.

6. People look at you like you're no fun at all.

7. When you actually really wished you didn't care and could dance like everyone else.

8. Family parties are a problem because you can't rely so much on your dancing buddy *alcohol*

9. You have to plan your dance moves before you do them.

10. People who love dancing just can't understand you.

11. You're quietly really jealous of all those happy and free groovers.

12. You try to copy the confident dancers.

13. If you are going to dance, you need a safety circle.

14. When everyone else is having a great time, you're getting annoyed at yourself for being this way.

15. But you can't help worrying that everyone will be looking at you.

16. And you're terrified of having a dance disaster.

17. The worst thing anyone can do is comment on it when you do dance.

18. You even feel self-conscious when you're dancing alone.

19. If you're a self-conscious girl dancer, heels can really fuel the fire.

20. If you're known to be 'the one that doesn't dance', friends and family always try really hard to see you dancing.

21. Which means you're forever partying internally.

22. Sometimes you actually have to get arsy so that people will stop pressuring.

23. Which makes you feel worse.

24. God forbid if someone laughs at your moves.

25. Because then you'll never feel safe to dance again.

26. You can't help but feel like a prat when you dance.

27. So instead you go for the comedy moves.

Why can't I just be like everyone else?!

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