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25 Weird British Things That Are Totally Normal To British People

It's a regional thing.

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1. At midday, depending where you live, you'll either have 'lunch' or 'dinner'.

2. But some people call the evening meal dinner.

3. Other people call it supper.

4. Then there are some people who call it tea.

5. Between Devon and Cornwall, there's an argument as to whether you should put cream then jam on scones, or jam then cream.

6. In England house parties are called... house parties.

7. But in Scotland they're called empties.

8. A valid way of saying hello to someone is saying 'Alright?' to which you respond with 'Alright?'

9. Northerner's eat chips with gravy.

10. Southerner's eat chips with ketchup (and sometimes mayonnaise.)

11. Devon and Corwall both argue that they invented the pasty.

12. In Gloucestershire and Oxfordshire, if you ask for 'a Henry', you're asking for an orange juice mixed with lemonade.

13. Goths are sometimes called grebos.

14. We talk about weather all the time. You know why? Because it changes constantly!

15. Pancakes or crepes?

16. Being a redhead means facing a lifetime of ginger jokes/insults.

17. In Doncaster 'sock on' means to be in a really, really deep sleep.

18. Before the universal word 'Chav' came along, there was 'Neds', 'Mally', 'Pleb' etc

19. Northerner's class themselves as friendlier than Southerner's.

20. Although in Newcastle a head butt is called a 'byker teacake' and that's not very friendly.

21. This is what Southerner's think lies up North.

22. Black cats are considered lucky.

23. We all like to swear but the 'C' word is not as offensive if you live in the North or Scotland.

24. If you're a Northern kid it's a 'party tea' if you're Southern it's a 'buffet'.

25. The Welsh are known to the English as 'sheep shaggers'.

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