25 Things That Happen When You’re Trying To Lose Weight

Skinny or food, skinny or food?

1. You start your new diet on Monday morning and then discover someone brought cakes to work.

2. Then at lunchtime someone suggests getting pizza.

3. You find yourself desperately wanting food you hadn’t previously thought about for ages.

4. You tell yourself bananas are the chocolate of the fruit world.

5. You also try to build some excitement for salad before realising salad is sh*t.

6. Everyone around you must know about your healthy eating…

7. … and everyone gets annoyed at you for talking about it.

8. Nobody understands why you’re doing it and tells you that you don’t need to lose weight…

9. … and then they cruelly tempt you with delicious snacks.

10. You convince yourself that you’re going to get into running, before discovering running is really hard.

11. You stock up on nuts because nuts are healthy… even if you eat the whole bag.

12. You try to stay strong by mentally feeding yourself with inspirational quotes.

13. Everywhere you go, you see food.

14. Hummus becomes your NBF.

15. As does any diet drink.

16. You buy a fairly hefty selection of ‘safety snacks’ with the intention of just having one to satisfy the craving.

17. You accidentally eat all the safety snacks but promise tomorrow is another day.

18. You question if this healthy eating thing is really worth it.

19. Then remind yourself that you’re not as fat as some people.

20. You Google the nutritional information for EVERYTHING.

21. You assign yourself a ‘treat day.’

22. You LIVE for treat day…

23. … and when treat day arrives you go to town.

24. After ONE DAY of healthy eating you look in the mirror and think ‘Yes, I can definitely see a difference.’

25. Every day you wonder why you couldn’t be one of those people who aren’t that fussed about food.

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