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    25 Things That Happen During The Run Up To Christmas When You Work In An Office

    Tis the season to be jolly - NOT YET.

    1. Someone sneaks on a Christmas song 10 weeks before the big day.

    2. The office splits into people who are excited vs. people who won't be excited until December 1st.

    3. The Christmas jumpers start appearing.

    4. Which inspires anyone without a Christmas jumper to buy one.

    5. Awkward mistletoe moments.

    6. There will be at least one office Scrooge.

    7. Christmas decorating is a legitimate reason to waste a whole day.

    8. Some of us will get annoyed at the crap decorating ability of our colleagues.

    9. Due to precariously balanced furniture, there will probably be some decorating injuries.

    10. Secret Santa planning (and swapping) will have everyone confused and thrilled.

    11. There will be copious amounts of festive food, namely huge tins of chocolate.

    12. Someone will be crying about their Christmas diet.

    13. Many arguments will ensue as to when the first mince pie can be eaten.

    14. The good present wrappers will be coerced into wrapping everyone else's gifts.

    15. Christmas parcels will arrive in their droves...

    16. ... thanks to all the sly online present shopping that happened the week before at your desk.

    17. Everyone will rediscover their love of Michael Bublé's Christmas album.

    18. Somebody will casually change the office TV to a Christmas film.

    19. If it snows, there will be a mysterious number of snow day sickies.

    20. Home made baked goods will adorn many desks.

    21. All our favourite Christmas quotes will come out to play.

    22. Everyone will go mental over the unusually flavoured coffee beverages and festive cups.

    23. Drinking at your desk on the night of the office party is totally fine.

    24. Everyone will let their hair down at the Christmas party, for better and for worse.

    25. A drunken office fling will probably* happen.