23 Things Really Honest People Will Understand

I’m sorry if you don’t like my honesty but to be fair, I don’t like your lies!

1. When people ask you for your truthful opinion…

… and you give them what they asked for…

… and then they don’t like it.

So you’re like…

2. Some people think you’re rude.

3. While other people appreciate and know they can trust you to always tell it as it is.

4. Because YOU’RE so honest, you expect other people to be.

5. You get really mad at people who lie.

6. You can’t hide your feelings when you get rubbish birthday presents.

7. Some people thinks your honesty makes you a bit of a weirdo.

8. Whereas other people find it amusing.

9. Sometimes people just don’t get you…

10. … because you’re not afraid of the truth…

11. … and you don’t really care if people judge you for it.

12. Your friends don’t like being at restaurants with you because you’re not afraid to complain.

13. You run the risk of hurting people’s feelings…

… even though it’s unintentional.

14. So you become an expert word smith to avoid offending people.

15. You’ve got this defensive move down.

16. You’re not afraid to call people out for their bullsh*t.

17. Being honest sets you free.

18. You never have to try to remember lies you told…

… because you never told them.

19. You can assess what level of honesty you require in seconds.

20. You can’t suck up to people.

21. Some people regret what they say when drunk but you don’t have that worry.

22. You’re an expert at recognising dishonesty.

23. You wish on a daily basis that people would just tell the truth…

… because it’s so much easier than sitting on a throne of lies.

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