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23 Problems You Face When You Have An Inner Fat Person

You try to be good but the fat you wants to eat.

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1. You literally never stop thinking about food.

2. People tell you you've got nothing to worry about when you share your inner fat dilemma.

3. You get gym guilt when you don't make up for everything you ate that day.

4. Food shopping is dangerous because you want EVERYTHING.

5. You're constantly distracted by the thought of when you can eat next.

6. Amazing food smells make you lose all control.

7. If you know there is food nearby, you can't think of anything else until you eat it.

8. You can't just pop into a shop for milk without coming out with a whole load of unnecessary snacks.

9. The concept of food as treats doesn't exist because you treat yourself every day.

10. You make food like cakes/cookies with the intention of sharing it and then want to eat it all yourself.

11. The food guilt is almost constant.

12. If you buy a food-based gift for someone, there's every chance you'll end up eating it yourself.

13. You have to surround yourself with emergency snacks.

14. But there's always that moment when you've eaten all your food.

15. Sometimes you need meals between your meals.

16. Even when you're making a meal, you'll be eating.

17. There have been times where you sit down to eat your main meal & you're already full from snacking.

18. You feel guilty when surrounded by healthy eaters.

19. Eating for the sake of eating is a real problem.

20. People judge you for your meal choices, such as carb on carb.

21. If you have leftovers you have to sabotage them so as not to accidentally eat it.

22. When you're upset, you let loose on food.

23. No matter how full you are, there is always room for pudding.

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